Technical Capabilities

Project Management

Advansys Projects create a very clear understadning of the scope of work and contract obligations.
Balanced contract terms and conditions with our clients, partners and subcontractors has a very important role to reach the win situation at the end of the project.


As a full service engineering house, the company is capable of providing process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil, structural and controls engineering and design services.
The key to the company's productivity is its ability to plan and execute engineering and design projects with attention to details and the ability to anticipate potential problems and interferences.
Advansys Projects detailed contractor-oriented drawing are easily bid and efficiently built.


Our Procurement methodology is as follows,

  • Obtain vendor data, drawing and calculation in timely manner; moreover the effective and close coordination with engineering is essential for any technical issue or client comment.
  • Establish a short list of satisfactory bidders for equipment and materials to have a complete and effective bidding.
  • Identify long lead items during bidding stage and work out the overall project schedule and set up construction sequence accordingly.
  • Timely and well coordinated inspection before shipping/delivery as part of the overall expediting plan has another major role to the successful implemenation of projects.
  • Inspecting and material control upon site delivery as per our standard procedures and contract requirements.
  • Choose the successful bidder based on technical and commertial evaluation.


All company activities in the field are pre-planned according to approved method statements and look-ahead schedule.
The site manager and his team reports to a project manager and they coordinate daily activities with their counterparts from the client's side. Each crew leader summarizes procedure, quality and safety requirements to his team.
Daily reports are issued indicating complete work, manpower, tools, equipment and areas of concern.

Commissioning & Start-Up

Advansys, is uniquely poised to perform commissioning, start-up and the accompanying troubleshooting and problem solving activities, whether as art of a desgin / built project or as a final step in ongion projects.

Solar Energy

Advansys Projects has commerced its activities in Renewable Energy, We rely on our experienced staff, project managers and technicians to desgin, assemble, commission and maintain solar systems.
Currently we have partnership agreement with key players in the international market of solar energy, Advansys Projects signed a partnership agreement with the German BayWa r.e. company specialized in renewable energy projects in order to ensure sound designs and top quality of all supplied items.
BayWa r.e. projects can be found Here
Our Scope is not limited to one type of system but contains different types as power generation using solar panels mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline depending on budget, location and power requirement.
We also deliver and install a complete solar street light including poles, fixture, batteries, LED lights, etc.
Advansys Projects offers a variety of solar water heating solutions that alow you to use the sun's power to provide hot water for your home with great efficiency and low energy costs, Choose from a variety of options to store your hot water and provide backup capabilities if necessary.

Advansys Projects Consists Of Three Main Divisions

The Integrated Projects Construction division

Carries out multidiscipline construction projects in the fields of Oil and Gas as well as infrastructure. The projects include electromechanical work for office and commercial buildings. This division is also aided by INTRO Group’s long experience, facilities and capabilities in Oil and Gas services and real estate projects.

The Engineering Research and Consulting department

Is a basic and detailed engineering division providing engineering services in Africa and the Middle East. The service portfolio includes process design, process modeling simulation, technical and techno-economic studies, detailed design, project evaluations and technical consulting.

The Instrumentation, Controls, and Industrial Automation department

Has carried out numerous projects related to electromechanical work for both industrial and commercial sectors. With its long experience and qualified staff in these fields, and along with strong partnerships with key market players in the field of controls such as Johnson, Invensys, and Foxboro, Advansys has established its position in the international market along many years and different types of projects including building management systems, industrial automation.

Additional Services (Vendor Representation)


Lokring provides the "Lokring Fitting Applications Guide" as a service to our customers. This guide provides information pertaining to the usage and service limitations of Lokring™ fittings in process piping systems and their auxiliaries and utilities.
Lokring recognizes that while its products may be considered for a wide variety of services, it cannot provide specific performance information for every application. Therefore, the system designer, owner, and user must assume final responsibility for proper evaluation and application of Lokring products. If uncertain about whether or not Lokring fittings should be used for specific application, consult your piping specialist, corrosion specialist, and Lokring Technology.

Gas detectors

SMART MT500 Gas Detector represents the state-of-the-art in gas detection, as it uses a breakthrough technology that makes it a unique device, with the best response in gas detection, flexible configuration and interchangeability of elements without any software modification. In fact, models of MT500 are made up of a dual-channel transmitter with a wide range of “plug-in” sensing elements in SS316 housing, designed to allow a fast “hot field replacement” of the sensing element without removing power supply and/or interfere with detection system.
MT500 detectors are made from two major parts, transmitter and transducer, having a unique transmitter for all kind of transducers “auto configuration according to transducer and sensing element” makes the maintenance much easier and faster and reducing spare parts cost.

In-service robotic inspection

API 653 Robotic Tank Inspection is incorporated as an approved method under the API 575 With the combination of highly skilled personnel & in-service robotic tank floor inspection systems, we provides API-653 compliant inspections of above ground storage tanks without the safety risks, cost, or hassle of removing tanks from operations. Our Robotic Systems are designed to be used in fixed roof tanks as well as tanks with external floating roofs. It can be used in water, petroleum products and many other chemicals. At the present time our Robotic Systems can be used in tanks containing a wide range of middle distillates including kerosene, diesel, jet fuels, bunker C and lube oils. There are some chemical tanks where the Robot can be used. These applications are determined on a case-by-case basis. Client has to provide MSDS of the content to study on compatibility. We use our “Probe system” for potable water and smaller tanks below 40 feet in diameter. We also have a dedicated plastic robot for these kinds of tanks.

Oil And Gas